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There are two recycled floorboards generally available: 'salvaged' boards, which are pulled up from old buildings and resold, and 'remilled' boards. "They might be secondhand building materials, but they'll be torn out and dressed and come out pretty much like a new board, with a fresh profile," says recycled floorboard retailer Thor. The remilled boards should fit together neatly, but the salvaged boards may be hard to lay or there may be gaps in the boards. Some people actually prefer this more 'earthy' style, but if you want the pristine look of new floorboards, remilled boards might be a better choice. Salvaged boards can also have broken pieces that the reseller may or may not remove before packaging up the boards to sell on. Obviously, given the money you'll be spending, it's preferable that there are no bits of tongue and groove, so check with the dealer as to whether they have removed them from the pack. Also, check that all nails have been pulled out of the boards.
02.12.2020 DanielHem
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